Britts Lil Spa | Britts Lil Spa - San Jose Organic Skin Treatments and waxing
Britts Lil Spa is located inside Scandalous Salon in San Jose and provides Organic Skin Treatments at competitive prices
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Welcome to Britt’s Lil Spa

located inside the Glam Bar Salon

Britts Lil Spa Skin Care

Get the big spa feel with a personal touch. After your service you won’t be rushed out the door or bombarded with tons of products to purchase. I include quality time to build a personal relationship with you. Why? So you get a comprehensive experience of how to properly care for your skin.

Britts Lil Spa Skin Care

It’s the calm oasis to relax, even for just wax. I specialize in acne and sensitive skin, but all skin types are welcome. Facial treatments are customized with Hungarian Organic products and high tech tools to give you targeted results while relieving stress.

Britts Lil Spa Skin Care

The skin is the body’s largest organ with surface area of roughly two square meters for the average adult. The appearance of our skin provides powerful clues as to who we are and what might be going on within our body. Our skins appearance is determined by genetics, diet, environmental factors & how we care for it.

About Britt’s Lil Spa

After a decade of working with the skin, I’ve learned no two faces are alike. Each has endless combinations of conditions, ethnicities, and skin types. These reasons can leave the average person in the dark when it comes to picking a great facial treatment. Who wants to think when they come to the spa? Most want to be taken care of. That is my mission and why I decided to take the guess work out and simplify my facial menu. Come in and enjoy a healthier wellbeing today. Please contact me for questions or set up an appointment for a free consultation. I look forward to being your skin gal!

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Britt’s Philosophy

When we exercise, eat healthy, and manage stress, all these lead to great skin. But let’s face it, were not perfect people, we don’t have perfect genetics, and we don’t live in a perfect world. We do the best we can, but life happens, especially if you have a family and career. There is only so much time in a day. I believe using effective products with quality ingredients and facials on a regular basis combat the wear of tear of living life. We all age but why not look good doing it?

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Britts Lil Spa


Skin Care

Whether you are in need of relaxation, skin lightening, firming, deep cleansing, help with acne, overly sensitive skin, menopausal skin, reducing old scars and lines; every treatment is customized to address one or all concerns. All organic products are inclusive. If your skin has multiple issues to address, the facial time may be increased between 10-30minutes. Price will be adjusted accordingly.

Britts Lil Spa Skin Care

60 min. Custom Organic Facial

Britts Lil Spa Skin Care

40 min. Custom Organic Mini Facial

Britts Lil Spa Skin Care

15 min. Free Phone Consultation

Britts Lil Spa Skin Care

40 min. Organic Back Treatment

tinting and waxing skin care

Eyelash Tinting

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Britts Lil Spa Skin Care

Eyebrow Tinting

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Britts Lil Spa

Meet Brittney

Growing up in San Jose CA, I spent a lot of my childhood in my Mother and Grandmother’s hair salon. I always enjoyed watching the camaraderie and fun of helping others to look and feel good about themselves. I knew this was the career for me. Having always dealt with acne and sensitive skin I was attracted to skin care. After finishing high school, I attended San Jose City College esthetics program; from there I began working at Inspa then Tovas Yarons, before deciding to begin my own business